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Apr 30 2018

5 Best RC Trucks For Sale of All Sizes 2017, tamiya rc trucks for sale.#Tamiya #rc #trucks #for #sale

5 Best RC Trucks For Sale Both Small and Big 2017

Tamiya rc trucks for sale

Radio Controlled Truck

In all honestly, you re never too old to have fun. Whether you re 10 years of age or 80 year of age, getting a nice remote control truck will prove to be extremely fun and almost always, get you hooked into the hobby. There s various different types of rc trucks, from nitro rc trucks to electric rc trucks. By ignoring the mainstream options you d typically find at super stores and investing a fair amount of cash into one, you ll be able to customize literally every part of the truck itself.

Right next to trucks, we also have rc buggies. These are typically designed for offroad use and big jumps that you d typically see at the dirt bike track. Some of the best rc buggies are not that expensive, and can be had for a very reasonable amount. Parts are plentiful, and the ability to be creative on every aspect of an rc buggy is nearly endless. (see our rc cars guide here as well)

To make your selection easier, we picked 5 radio controlled vehicles that are both buggy s and trucks. They range in price, differ in body styles, and are generally the same age to one another (some having been out for a bit longer). Here s your top 5 picks we believe, are excellent for ANY budget, for amateurs and experts.

Here s 5 Best RC Trucks and RC Buggies To Get For Any Budget

Tamiya rc trucks for sale Tamiya rc trucks for sale

Tamiya rc trucks for sale Tamiya rc trucks for sale

Tamiya rc trucks for sale Tamiya rc trucks for sale

Tamiya rc trucks for sale Tamiya rc trucks for sale

Tamiya rc trucks for sale Tamiya rc trucks for sale

5. RedCat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Radio Control Truck

Tamiya rc trucks for saleFor someone who is just starting out in the hobby of the RC world, this is the best rc truck for doing just that. Costing half of what other premium branded rc trucks usually cost, the RedCat Racing Volcano is an all electric rc truck that provides you good durability, good power, and easy way to replace broken parts.

You get a fairly weak battery rated at only 2000mAh, but if you choose to grab an additional battery pack, you re bout to have a boatload more fun. Full suspension, a polycarbonate body, and a all internal electronic components required to make this rc truck run, are included inside. The only small things you ll need to purchase are the batteries for the transmitter.

See it below on Amazon for the current best price!

Tamiya rc trucks for sale

4. RedCat Racing Shockwave Nitro Radio Control Buggy

Tamiya rc trucks for saleSpeaking of cost effective rc vehicles, we have the RedCat Racing Shockwave gas powered rc bubby. What makes this vehicle unique from a large majority of other buggies and trucks, is that for less than 200 dollars, you have a nitro powered rc buggy ( a category where you d typically pay well over 200 dollars for).

Powered by a 2.67cc vertex engine, polycarbonate shell, all the necessary electronics for steering, shocks, servos, transmitter, the whole 9 yards. It takes an aggressive stance to give you firm landings when performing any kind of jumps. This remote control buggy has every part as an interchangeable part, allowing you to fully customize it from top to bottom. If anything breaks, you re almost surely able to replace it without hassle.

Tamiya rc trucks for sale

3. Tamiya TAM58372 Ford F-350 High-Lift RC Truck

Tamiya rc trucks for saleTamiya is true hobby grade material, their Ford F-350 kit is no exception. While not the best rc truck for jumping and going fast, the one thing this one will do well in is crawl rocks and look fantastic. Overall attention to detail on this Ford F-350 is outstanding. From top to bottom, rock solid materials are what make this truck a masterpieces.

For all the craftsmanship, you ll be paying a pretty penny and a premium. For the cost, you ll be getting a kit that does not included the electronics. That part is what you ll have to decide when figuring out what you ll plant to do with the vehicle.

Overall, for a fatter wallet and more of a rock crawling type of capability, you can t go wrong with this truck. We can safely say this is one of the best rc trucks when it comes down to realistic features and looks.

Tamiya rc trucks for sale

2. Traxxas Stampede Monster RC Truck

Tamiya rc trucks for saleFor a high jumping, quick and durable radio controlled truck, we picked the Traxxas Stampede as the one to get. For starters, you can choose from a rear wheel drive truck OR, a 4 4 wheel drive truck. Cost difference is obviously there. However, aside from that you get an identical truck from one and the other. The Stampede comes as a ready to run with the transmitter, and all the internal electronics required. Polycarbonate shell, adjustable internal parts, suspension, gears, and wheels can all be adjusted and changed out.r

Out of the box, you ll be able to hit approximately 30-35 miles per hour, about 15 minutes of run time should be expected, and all the internal electronics are 100% waterproof. The treat thing about the company Traxxas, they are easy to get a hold of and offer a WIDE range of ways to make the Stampede, your own .

Tamiya rc trucks for sale

1. Traxxas Slash 4 4 Brushless PRO 4WD RC Truck

Tamiya rc trucks for saleThe Traxxas Slash 4 4 is a true definition of a trophy truck type of radio controlled truck. When you take off the polycarbonate shell from this radio controlled truck, you ll see the complex suspension, differential, and overall layout that makes this rc truck tick.

This ready to run radio controlled truck offers high-quality components, ridged low center of gravity, soft and durable shocks, adjustable front and rear swaybars, sealable center differential and a host of other small components that can easily be swapped out.

Although you ll spend a bit more for this rc trophy truck, the 4 4 and waterproof electronics make it practically invincible! By far, one of the best rc trucks you can buy do some crazy stunts with (and still have it be in one piece).

Tamiya rc trucks for sale

A quick video on getting started in this hobby

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