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Jan 31 2018

Asphalt Driveway Calculator

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Tips For Hiring The Best Asphalt Driveway Contractor

Asphalt driveways are a very cost effective and popular choice in driveway options. However, it is very important that you hire a competent and experienced asphalt paving contractor in order to get the results you want. Asphalt driveways are very durable and can last twenty years or longer if they are properly installed and maintained. Therefore it definitely pays to make sure you get a competent contractor to install your driveway.

Asphalt driveways are durable, flexible and strong, making them ideal for colder climates where freezing and thawing occur on a frequent basis. They are not as well suited for warm climates however. In hot temperatures asphalt can become soft and ruts can develop due to the weight of the vehicles parked on them. However, if you live in a cold climate, asphalt is an ideal material to install for your driveway.

Asphalt paving consists of an aggregate of sand and stone which is then mixed in with a liquid asphalt cement. The aggregate need to be mixed carefully and heated before being combined with the liquid asphalt. In order for the asphalt driveway to cure properly the mixture must be delivered to your residence while it is still hot.

It is very important that the paving contractor prepare the driveway properly in order to ensure that you end up with a high quality asphalt driveway. The preparation process includes removing the clay soil or topsoil and replacing that with a sub base of gravel or crushed stone.

A paving job will typically consist of applying two layers of the hot asphalt mix on top of the layer of sub base. If you are going to have heavy vehicles, RVs or boats parked in the driveway on a regular basis you may want to opt for full depth asphalt. With this type of application, your entire driveway as well as the layer of gravel sub base is constructed with liquid asphalt cement. This binds the layer of sub base with the cement and creates a much stronger driveway.

It is important that you hire an experienced paver in order to make sure that the job is done right and you end up with a high quality, strong asphalt driveway that will last for many years. When choosing a paving contract you need to get several quotes so you can compare several contractors not only on price but on their experience and other qualifications as well. You can get initial recommendations from family and friend and also search in directories locally as well as online.

Ask for references from prior customers to make sure that they were happy with the work done by the paving contractor. Also check to make sure that the contractor is bonded and insured. This will protect you from any liabilities while the work is taking place and well as any potentially sub-par work done by the contractor.

Also keep in mind that a good paving contractor could be booked for several weeks or longer, so you will need to plan ahead. In order to get accurate quotes the paving contractor should visit the site. Once you have obtained several quotes and compared their qualifications and references you can make your final decision. Understanding the asphalt paving pricing and considerations you need to keep in mind when hiring a paving contractor will help to insure that you end up with a high quality asphalt driveway that will last you for years to come dfgdfg

The fundamentals of Asphault Driveways.

An asphalt drive way is an excellent choice for providing a entrance to your home as well as place to park your vehicles. Asphalt is a very durable material, easy to install, and long lasting as long as it is properly installed and maintained.

An asphalt driveway that is maintained properly can last as long as twenty to twenty five years. Because an asphalt driveway lasts so long, you will want to learn as much as you can about them before installing one.

Asphalt driveways are a great choice for climates with cold weather. When exposed to de-icing chemicals or salt, asphalt doesn’t break down. This is a big advantage in climates where there is a lot of snow and ice. The dark color of the asphalt also helps to absorb sunlight which helps in melting ice and snow during the winter time.

However, an asphalt driveway is not a good choice for warmer climates. In hot weather asphalt can get very soft. An asphalt driveway under these weather conditions can begin to develop ruts from the weight of the parked vehicles. For warm climates, a different type of material for a driveway other than asphalt should be selected in order to avoid these problems.

The strength of an asphalt driveway comes from the sub grade, which is the base. The sub grade supports the asphalt driveway’s structure. The asphalt driveway will have a shorter lifespan if the soil will expand or contract or if there is loose soil underneath the driveway. The sub grade soil underneath where the asphalt driveway will be constructed needs to be compact and free of any plant material, roots and and debris.

The foundation of any asphalt driveway is the base. There are two major forms of base for an asphalt driveway. There is coarse asphalt and crushed gravel. If you opt for a crushed gravel based, it should have a 6 to 10 inch thickness. The thicker your base is, the more weight the asphalt driveway will be able to hold. If you have heavy vehicles or are planning to park an RV or boat on your driveway you should choose a thicker base.

The other type of base is the coarse asphalt base. This type of base has more crushed aggregate. The larger stones help to provide a very solid based for the asphalt drive way. If the sub grade has poor drainage or consists of clay, then you should choose a coarse asphalt base for your driveway.

In order for your asphalt driveway to last a long time, you need to keep it properly maintained. One way of extending the life of the asphalt driveway is to apply a sealer. The sealer will help to fill in cracks, provide the driveway with ultraviolet protect and also help to maintain the black color. An asphalt driveway should be sealed once every three to five years. How often you need to seal will depend on how harsh your climate is. If you will be sealing on a frequent basis, you should apply a thin coat of sealer. If it is applied to thick, sealer has a tendency to peel.

Another option for your asphalt driveway that you may not be aware of is that there are now options for stamping and staining the asphalt to give it a more appealing look.

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