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Oct 26 2017

FlyWeb Fly Light, Fly Web Fly Light, FlyWeb Insect Fly Trap – Free Shipping, eagle pest control lafayette la.#Eagle #pest #control #lafayette #la


eagle pest control lafayette la

Eagle pest control lafayette la

63 Customer Reviews

Eagle pest control lafayette la

I’ve been using the Flyweb Fly Light for several months now. The bulb has yet to burn out, which is a huge plus. I use it in my kitchen every night above the counter to trap flies that get in our hous. Read Full Review

Eagle pest control lafayette la

It trapped one fly and a few fruit flies. The others are still flying around the room.

Eagle pest control lafayette la

Just what the doctor ordered. I have kind of a weird reason for purchasing this. My 8 yr old Italian Greyhound, Baylee, has PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) and has lost about 60% of her sight. So no. Read Full Review

Eagle pest control lafayette la

18 Customer Questions

Q I live in an apartment and have mosquitoes inside, there is no standing water anywhere, help!

I don t know where they are getting in.

A You should use the Flyweb Fly Light for any flying insects indoors. We have no idea where the source would be, but for the ones that are inside the fly light works great. If they look like. Read Full Answer

Q Can you see the dead flies from the front of the Flyweb Fly Light unit or are they concealed?

A The flies can be seen on the glue board behind the Flyweb Fly Light when a large amount has been caught. One way to make the flies less noticeable is to choose the black glue boards for the unit rathe. Read Full Answer

Q How often do I need to change the glue boards in the Flyweb Fly Light?

A There is not a set time limit on when to change the boards. You should change them whenever they get full of insects and not much of the sticky adhesive is available for new insects or if the glueboar. Read Full Answer

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