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Aug 31 2017

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Our students and staff have found to be one of the most user-friendly and comprehensive resources for MBA students seeking both US and global opportunities, not only the most exhaustive list of leadership development or rotational programs, but the research capabilities regarding jobs, hiring and insights into the MBA hiring market. It is one software platform that truly complements any recruiting software an office may be using. Wouldn’t know where to refer my students for another one-stop resource at this high caliber, if wasn’t available.

Mark Brostoff. Assistant Dean and Director, MBA Career Services, USC Marshall School of Business

I have been using to support our Mandarin Leadership Development Program recruitment campaign over the past 5 years. Every time, I am impressed by their customer focused attitude, speed and quality of the delivery and overall professionalism. They have helped us reaching our targeted potential candidates in an effective and efficient way, with limited internal resources involved. Well done and highly recommended!

Ann Zhu. Associate Director, China 2020 Talent at Bristol-Myers Squibb

The team delivers! They’ve been highly responsive and proactive in ensuring our student utilization objectives are met. It is also refreshing to see the continuous efforts to further improve their product. We have been very pleased

Randall Lewis. Executive Director, Purdue University

I have known for many years and I am always impressed by their ongoing innovation and ability to bring valuable services to MBA students. provide an intuitive and smooth user experience.

Catherine Chassanite ,International Career Development Consultant, Audencia Business School

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