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Jun 25 2017

Medical Coding & Healthcare Billing Solutions #physicians #billing #service


ecare India – Complete Medical Billing and Coding Services

e-care India is one of the leading medical billing companies in India that provides complete medical billing solutions and coding services. e-care is a pioneer in offshore medical billing, having started in the year 2000 – one of the first few to offer medical billing from India at that time. Today, e-care has grown to 1,000+ people and 3 delivery centers that provide Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity provisions. e-care possesses twin ISO certifications – ISO 9001:2008 for our operational processes; and ISO 27001:2013 for ISMS (Information Security and Management systems) that together assure some of the highest security levels in the way PHI is handled, making e-care compliant with the latest HIPAA rules.

e-care is unique amongst offshore medical billing and medical coding companies, in that it works with clients of all sizes – no client is too small or too large and they all get the same level of attention. While we have the scale and resources of a large offshore medical billing company, we also ensure that we have the agility and flexibility of a small company to provide dedicated and focused services for all our clients.

e-care provides medical billing solutions that comprise the following functions:

Patient Registration/Demographic Entry

Warm Welcome to e-care India, the Healthcare Outsourcing Service provider

The whole world is now a global village, with heavy competition in any field and tremendous efforts by organizations to sustain in the market. Now, what is essential is doing a smart business by outsourcing. Medical billing outsourcing helps companies in delegating part of their job to other companies Read more

that are experts in the medical billing field, so that they can reduce the work load in medical billing, concentrate in the core activities and increase healthcare revenue.In healthcare outsourcing, especially, when it is medical billing which has ever increasing requirement and scope, the need to outsource medical billing is obvious. ecare India helps the medical billing companies and physicians in the United States in increasing the healthcare revenue and reducing the medical billing costs.

Why outsource medical billing?

The answer is simple. Medical billing deals with money, and no one wants to lose their money. Medical insurance billing needs proper attention, as it involves medical codes, documentation, claims and reimbursements. Not to miss, potential human resource, proper communication and regular follow-ups.

Healthcare billing is not always easy. It is essential to keep track of the latest changes in medical billing practices, medical codes as well as the new reforms in the medical bills, whereas physicians do not have enough time to invest in the medical billing back office activities. They have to focus in the new advancements, latest technologies and inventions in medicine to stay updated. Medical billing is not their job! Their goal is apparently saving lives. So, no wonder they miss out in medical billing which finally turns out to be a distress to patients and hospitals.

Medical billing companies choose to outsource medical billing, as it is the smartest way to get benefited! Yes, it s true. Researches and surveys prove that medical billing outsourcing has become a global trend these days. Mushrooming of the medical billing outsourcing service providers is evidence to the fact that medical billing outsourcing is much preferred and widely accepted.

ecare India – Not only your healthcare Outsourcing Service provider, It’s your virtual office!

ecare India serves as a virtual office to the medical billing companies who want to save medical billing costs and time. Apart from the great cost savings in medical billing, the medical billing companies also benefit from the total office setup that ecare possess, thus saving administration costs. In ecare, we have great infrastructural facilities, secure work platform with latest technology to support our business communication and process, above all, the talented work force to handle medical billing. We have a huge team of certified medical coders, professionals who are experts in medical billing and coding.

ecare India is HIPAA compliant and is an ISO certified medical billing company – ISO 9001:2008 for quality management and the first Indian medical billing company to get ISO 27001:2005 certified for information security management. ecare India is also a medical coding specialist that has hands on experience in the medical billing field. ecare India provides end-end medical billing services which include medical coding, healthcare revenue cycle le management, accounts receivable management, insurance eligibility verification, physician credentialing services, indexing medical records and medical billing data conversion.

Our Medical billing Process:

We follow latest medical coding guidelines and are experts in cpt coding and icd coding. Focusing on medical billing is very essential to run a profitable medical practice. We help you achieve this. Our medical claims processing is accurate and helps the client in reducing the accounts receivable days and saves cost. We do indexing medical records as a part of our medical billing services. Indexing medical records helps in easy and secure access of medical records. Revenue cycle outsourcing to ecare India helps the client in optimizing the healthcare revenue and ensures management of vast information associated with the patient. The healthcare revenue cycle management services provided at ecare includes but not limited to patient demographics, Medical Coding, Charge Entry, electronic claims submission, payment posting, denial management, Account Receivable Follow ups and providing Customized Performance Management Reports to clients. These can be offered either as a stand-alone service or as a combined healthcare revenue cycle management suite.

Medical billing Specialties

Apart from the major specialties like radiology billing, cardiology billing, dental billing, anesthesia billing, obstetrics/ gynecology billing, internal medicine billing, gastroenterology billing and family practice billing, ecare also handles other medical billing specialties like allergy Immunology billing. ambulance transport billing, breast surgery billing, cardiovascular billing, chiropractor billing, dermatology billing, DME billing, emergency room billing, ENT surgery billing, general practice billing, general surgery billing, geriatric care billing, hospitals billing, imaging center billing, nephrology billing, neuro surgery billing, ophthalmology billing, optometry billing, orthopedic surgery billing, orthopedics billing, otolaryngology billing, pain management billing, pediatric home health billing, pediatric plastic surgery billing, pediatric cardiology billing, podiatry billing, primary care billing, psychiatry billing, pulmonary medicine billing, radiation oncology billing, rehabilitation billing, rheumatology billing and urgent care billing to mention.

Medical billing software

ecare India is one of the leading medical billing companies in India that specializes in pronounced medical billing software like Misys PM, Medisoft, Medtron, Lytec, eClinical, Next Gen, Alta Point, Kareo. Medtopia. Ultra, Medisense, Denticon, Ntierprise, Dentrix, Medical Manager, HSS, Cerner, Misys Tiger, Misys Query, MicroMD PM, Touch Chart EMR, Medware, Dolphin Management, Pacware and Perio Vision.

Our physician billing case studies would be of great help to get a vision on how we, as a team of medical billing specialists face the business challenges in medical billing.

Complete medical billing services:

ecare India provides end-to-end medical billing services for all your medical processes including healthcare revenue cycle management, Medical Coding, Accounts Receivables Management, Physician Credentialing. insurance eligibility verification, data conversion and indexing.

ecare India lays a proper communication channel between medical billing companies or physicians and the insurance companies to reduce denial of payments, regulate the smooth medical billing process and satisfy the clients medical coding billing needs, while saving cost and time. All the advantages put together make ecare India prominent in the medical billing field amidst several other leading physicians billing services.

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