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Sep 30 2017

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1: MASS for the Web – online version

2: MASS for Windows – Windows membership application

MASS is a modular and highly customisable membership management software application suiting many organisations from:

Our Membership Software is highly configurable and can meet even your more complicated requirements. You can choose either MASS for Web or MASS for Windows then select the options needed.

There are multiple options for data hosting including Networks and Web servers. It is designed for associations, clubs and organisations both big and small.

We offer a range of software licensing options from single user to multi-user; less than 1000 member records to unlimited.

We also offer varying levels of user support:

– support during your configuration and installation of the membership software

– our full personal installation and implementation of the membership software

– email, phone, on-site and remote connection to your PC

MASS for the Web

MASS for the Web provides a web browser interface for end-users and administrators.

Member details can be edited by members or administrators and MASS allows members to enrol into Events/Classes/Activities.

MASS can integrate into existing websites – this is suitable for organisations whose members need to login and keep their records up to date. MASS is customisable by the administrator of the site, and can be installed on your existing Web hosting.

Please watch our videos on this page.

MASS for Windows

There are two different versions available to choose from:

A. Standard – Subscription

Any Organisation or Club requiring a Subscription and Event (optional) membership management system. Includes cash receipting, plus much more…

B. Professional – Invoicing

Includes full Invoicing and Billing (Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable). Plus much more…

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