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Nov 30 2017

Merchant Cash Advance – Business Loans for Working Capital #merchant #business #loans


Why do business owners choose Capify?

How it works:

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Note: Capify and its logo are trademarks of AmeriMerchant Holdings LLC. Capify does not offer business credit or loans directly. Capify offers through its affiliates and subsidiaries two products, a Merchant Cash Advance and a Small Business Loan. A Merchant Cash Advance or MCA is not a loan but is the purchase of the future credit and/or debit card receivables of the Applicant’s business. An MCA has no maturity date or fixed payments. A small business loan has fixed payments and a maturity date. An MCA is offered in all fifty (50) states. In all states but California the Merchant Cash Advance if offered by Merchants Advance LLC. In California, a Merchant Cash Advance if offered by Apex Advance LLC a licensed California Finance Lender License Number 6054066. In certain states small business loans are provided by Main Street Business Loans LLC. a Licensed California Finance Lender License Number 6054509. Strategic Funding Source, Inc. and Colonial Funding Network offer an MCA in all fifty (50) states and Small Business Loans in California and most other states if loan size and local regulatory requirements are met. MCA and small business loans are made to businesses only and not to consumers and all funds must be used for business purposes only. In certain states we are unable to provide funding to sole proprietors. © 2016 AmeriMerchant Holdings LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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