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Aug 31 2017

New Car Insurance Groups #cheap #insurace


New Car Insurance Groups

The Car Insurance Guide lists the new insurance groups every major new car for sale in the UK. Insurance groups dictate risk and therefore (�) premiums: start at group 1 (the cheapest to insure) and rise to group 50 (the most expensive to insure). This guide has been carefully compiled by our motoring research team � additionally we have included the new car prices and emission ratings, etc. Our insurance guide has been designed to help you to research, buy and insure your car.

Layla | Car Insurance Editor

Guide to the New Insurance Groups

The Car Insurance Guide lists the car insurance group of every new car for sale in the UK – plus typical car insurance quotes.

The Car Insurance Guide

Our car insurance guide lists cars by new insurance group rating system (1-50) � Group 1 cars are still the cheapest to insure � if you are looking for a Car Insurance Quote .

The New Insurance Groups give an indication of the premium you should expect to pay. The new insurance ratings range from 1 � 50 (Group 50 cars being the most expensive to insure).

You may also wish to browse our other car guides, e.g. For New Car Prices or within our Green Guide to Cars we list the CO2 Emissions for every major new car.

Insurance Group 1 – e.g. amongst the cheapest cars to insure

We make every effort to ensure that information we publish about the new car insurance quotes and groups is correct and up to date, but inaccuracies do occur and ratings, specifications can change. If in doubt, we recommend that before making a purchasing decision you check with your local car dealer. The car photographs may feature cars of a different specification or body style to the car reviewed or tested.

Car Buyer’s Guides

The Car Buyers’ Guide

Listing every major new car with full UK specifications, car insurance groups and emissions ratings.

Our Car Locator lists 85442 Used Cars for Sale.

The New Car Insurance Groups, prices, facts & figures and car specifications may have changed since publication on the 02/05/2015. E ?>

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