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Jan 31 2018

Payment bounced? You ll soon have a second chance to avoid fees

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Payment bounced? You’ll soon have a second chance to avoid fees

If you’ve not enough money in your account and a payment bounces, you may be able to avoid the associated fee as more banks are to adopt a ‘retry’ scheme from September where they’ll attempt to process the transaction again later in the day.

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Last year, seven banks agreed with regulator the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to use a “same-day retry system” when a customer’s standing order, direct debit or future-dated payment bounces on its first attempt (see our Best Bank Accounts guide, which includes the top accounts if you’re overdrawn).

Under the system, banks will try to process the payment again later that same day giving customers extra time to top up their account, which should help them avoid unpaid item fees.

But the seven banks � Barclays, the Co-op, HSBC, Nationwide, the National Australia Group (Clydesdale and Yorkshire), RBS Group and Santander � have now be joined by the majority of big banks with the scheme rolling out from 1 September.

The 29 participating banks and building societies have all pledged to give customers until at least 2pm to top up their accounts before attempting to process the payment for the second time.

The FCA says the move should save customers overall, a total of �40 million/year in late payment fees.

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How do banks’ retry processes compare?

Despite there being a minimum 2pm cut-off time before a second attempt at payment is made, the actual cut-off time, as well as whether individual banks notify customers following a failed first payment, varies. asked the major banks what their policies will be. The results are in the table below.

How will the retry process work?

First payment taken

Will it notify after failed 1st payment?

(i) Unpaid item fees vary depending on account

The retry process relates to payments that are ‘pre-notified’ eg, standing orders, direct debits and future-dated payments, so cheques aren’t included as standard.

However, where a cheque payment bounces, some of the banks we asked will retry the transaction before the cut-off time without charging a fee. The following major banks will include cheques under the retry scheme:

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