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Sep 23 2017

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College of Business

Creating the next generation of leaders in the golf industry

Students in the UCCS PGA Golf Management Program will work to satisfy the requirements needed for PGA Membership in conjunction with requirements needed to obtain a Bachelor’s degree through the AACSB Accredited UCCS College of Business.

The requirements for PGA Membership as a PGA Golf Professional include the Playing Ability Test, 16 months of internship experience and the PGA curriculum which includes PGA seminar attendance, passing PGA exams and the completion of all PGA work experience activities.

Upon completion of all PGA Golf Management Program requirements, graduation from the UCCS College of Business and documentation of eligible employment, students are eligible for election to membership in The PGA of America as a Class A PGA Golf Professional!

PGA Golf Management Events

An exclusive invitation for admitted PGA Golf Management students.

Each semester, PGA Golf Management students at UCCS participate in a series of tournaments at fantastic locations in Colorado.

Family, close friends and distinguished guests, you are invited to our 13th Annual Family and Friends Dinner!


Many of our Areas of Emphasis can be combined with the PGA Golf Management option. This includes Accounting, Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources Management, Information Systems, International Business, Marketing, Management, Service Management. However, this does not include Sport Management.

No, the UCCS PGA Golf Management Program is not available to part-time or online students, although certain university courses may be completed in an online format. It is also not recommended for students who have full-time employment because the PGM classes are taught during the day and the internships are full-time employment.

Yes. However, scholarships offered by the program are generally available only to students who have completed one year or more. For information about university-supplied scholarships and aid, please visit our Financial Aid website .

The purpose of internships is to provide on-the-job experience and develop work habits and skills that will last a lifetime. Also, internships are a great way to gain access to a network of potential employers and colleagues. Finally, students are afforded the opportunity to develop a strong r sum that will open doors throughout their careers.

Yes, the PGA’s accreditation standards mandate that all interns must be paid.

Yes, transfer students from all backgrounds who meet entrance requirements for both UCCS and the Program can be admitted. However, each student must be on campus for at least six semesters in order to complete the PGA training and testing courses.

Yes! Each semester, PGA Golf Management students are provided with lessons from PGA instructors, a Player Development Program, and unlimited play and practice at Pine Creek Golf Club, as well as entry into 12 to 15 tournaments during the year.

Probably not. While managing paying for college and taking on debt is every individual student’s responsibility, on average, UCCS graduates do better than most. Based on the most recent published data, UCCS students graduated with an average debt load of approximately $17,000, far below the national average of $29,000. UCCS helps students manage their debt by offering numerous student employment options. as well as generous financial aid awards .

Also, UCCS students manage their debt well, having an average default rate of only 2.8% compared to a national average of 13.7% (AY 2011). For more information on paying for college, please visit our Scholarships Financial Aid website.

PGA Golf Management students are positioned for success through internships, as well as real-world business skills that they can apply immediately in the golf industry.

Employers comment that “. UCCS PGA Golf Management graduates are ready to contribute to their staff right away due to the hands-on experience and innovative learning through application of the PGA Curriculum “.

Our dedicated Internship Coordinator places students on diverse internship experiences all over the country every semester. Studies show that students who have gained experience in their field through internships are much more likely to secure a position upon graduation. For more information on internships please visit our PGA Golf Management Program Overview page.

For more information on PGA career paths, take a look at this article from the PGA of America .

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