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Dec 31 2017

Rough Cut Capacity Planning

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Rough Cut Capacity Planning

  • Experiment with capacity scenarios through powerful what-if analysis
  • Visualize your resources through an Intuitive graphical interface
  • Transfer resources and understand the effects immediately
  • Perform quick ad-hoc analysis with deep analytical reports
  • Instantly identify bottlenecks with exception management reports
  • Translate your capacity into any unit of measure with conversion factors
  • Integrate the production schedule into the overall demand and supply plan

The Challenge of Capacity Constraints

To meet production requirements, manufacturers must balance the limitations of their equipment against the needs of customer demand. Equipment, time constraints, and personnel limitations combine to limit the maximum capacity of any production environment. In order to put together an effective production schedule, manufacturers must consider equipment changeovers and capacity constraints to balance demand and optimize production.

Plan Proactively For Production

To maximize capacity, planners must experiment with resource combinations until they find a schedule that toes the line between capacity and demand. With effective capacity planning and crtical resource planning, users can be confident in their production schedule’s ability to meet demand. Users also can see when they are unable to meet demand and plan proactively to escape the bottleneck.

John Galt’s Rough Cut Capacity Planning module offers planners the platform that they need in order to find an effective combination of resources. Using our intuitive graphical interface, planners can view a schedule of resources, understand which items fall within and outside of capacity, and move items to align major resources with demand. When a complete capacity plan is generated, Rough Cut pushes the completed production schedule back into the Atlas Planning Suite. allowing collaborative planners to integrate the constraints into the company’s overall strategy.

Once you are ready to take your capacity plan and create a detailed production schedule, you can utilize our Advanced Planning Scheduling module .

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