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Jan 9 2018

TATRA PHOENIX, trucks for sale in phoenix.#Trucks #for #sale #in #phoenix


An absolute novelty of our company. The new truck, developed in cooperation with the DAF truck manufacturer, will get you further.

Built on the proven Tatra chassis, TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 is driven through the toughest terrain by powerful, efficient, yet environmentally friendly, PACCAR engines meeting the stringent Euro 6 emission limits.

The unique chassis design does not require an additional subframe for mounting the tipper bodies, installation of other superstructures is simple without the use of compensating assembly parts. Independently suspended half-axles with air cushioning enable you to increase the transport speed and thus its total transport capacity. To provide safe and secure movement off road, the vehicle is equipped with locks of all axle and inter-axle differentials. With the attachable front-wheel drive, you can take full advantage of all-wheel drive vehicle whenever ambient conditions require so, while on paved roads driving without the front-wheel drive will enable you to streamline the vehicle operation. The air system on the chassis is newly controlled through an electronic management system, which optimizes air consumption and compressor operation and helps to reduce the fuel consumption. Steerable axles (front and rear) can be loaded up to 10 tons, non-steered axles have a maximum load of 16 tons.

The TATRA PHOENIX modern range uses modern, powerful and economical PACCAR MX engines. Pursuant to the legislative requirements we supply the Euro 3, Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. For more about engines click here.

With the TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 vehicles you now have a broader choice of transmissions. The transmissions of renowned brands, ZF and Allison, work well with powerful and economical PACCAR engines. The manual ZF gearboxes are represented by the EcoSplit range – solely 16-speed for the TATRA PHOENIX vehicle range. For those who prefer the ease of vehicle control, 16-speed Astronic automated transmission is available, which is suitable for all operations where drivers alter behind the steering wheel. It helps to reduce fuel consumption and protects the clutch and the engine itself from damage due to drivers’faults. Customers who require uninterrupted torque transmission to the entire powertrain can utilize the 6- and 7-speed Allison automatic transmissions, where a classical clutch is replaced with the hydrodynamic converter.

The new cab of the TATRA PHOENIX Euro 6 model, supplied by DAF TRUCKS, provides more space, comfort and safety. The driver’s cab is comfortable, thanks to both comfortable seats and the overall layout of controls. The cab in Euro 3 and 5 versions are different in appearance, but the driver’s comfort and workplace ergonomics are at a high level.

Trucks for sale in phoenix

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Trucks for sale in phoenix

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